Physical Well-being

All CCJ locations have implemented a health program that includes addressing the children's nutrition, which is often seriously deficient. All our school's curricula include physical and nutritional education, so the children can lead healthy lives well after graduation. At the orphanges in San Ignacio de Velasco and Abancay, and the San Miguelito boarding school, we have been especially successful teaching the children basic practices of hygiene, nutrition and community caring. Resulting from these experiences are the children's positive self-esteem, and a collection of orphans is transformed into a family of caring persons.


CCJs schools are accredited by Bolivia's education ministry and we exceed all their requirements. Our programs offer comprehensive academic curriculums, which include mathematics, language arts, science, and history. We are both administration and staff for schools in these Bolivian cities and villages: Santa Cruz de la Sierra, San Ignacio de Velasco, and San Migulito. At these locations, we educate over 6,000 children between ages 5-18 each class day.

Trade Preparatory

At CCJ we guide the children as they develop proficiency in their trade of choice. They are offered computer training, baking, sewing, agriculture, and raising and sale of livestock. This training has dual purposes preparing the youngsters with marketable skills, as well as providing the City a degree of self-sustenance from use or sale of food & goods that the children help produce. In the monastic tradition of the Church the children learn to build community, to build a home they call their own.


Community involvement is another central aspect at CCJ. The missionaries provide support to their neighbors through local parishes and, reciprocally, the surrounding communities are quick to aid the missionaries in the meaningful work to build up the community and CCJ schools. In Santa Cruz, residents helped the Idente Missionaries build a church for their Parish of St. Peter and St. Paul. With the help of local residents, the missionaries also serve at five out-post churches that are a part of the parish. Adjacent to this parish and school, the missionaries and community built a medical facility that provides health care to the school and neighborhood. The medical building incorporates three examination rooms, a dental operating room, plus four rooms for overnight patients. The missionaries also administer many other churches and parishes in Bolivia, providing support and activities for local city and village peoples, with numerous opportunities for mutual benefit.